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Source code for galaxy.job_metrics.formatting

"""Utilities related to formatting job metrics for human consumption."""
from typing import (

[docs]class FormattedMetric(NamedTuple): title: str value: str
[docs]class JobMetricFormatter: """Format job metric key-value pairs for human consumption in Web UI."""
[docs] def format(self, key: Any, value: Any) -> FormattedMetric: return FormattedMetric(str(key), str(value))
[docs]def seconds_to_str(value: int) -> str: """Convert seconds to a simple simple string describing the amount of time.""" mins, secs = divmod(value, 60) hours, mins = divmod(mins, 60) if value < 60: return f"{secs} second{'s' if secs != 1 else ''}" elif value < 3600: return f"{mins} minute{'s' if mins != 1 else ''}" else: return f"{hours} hour{'s' if hours != 1 else ''} and {mins} minute{'s' if mins != 1 else ''}"