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Source code for galaxy_test.base.env

"""Base utilities for working Galaxy test environments.
import fcntl
import os
import socket
import struct
from typing import Optional, Tuple

DEFAULT_WEB_HOST = socket.gethostbyname('localhost')

[docs]def setup_keep_outdir() -> str: keep_outdir = os.environ.get('GALAXY_TEST_SAVE', '') if keep_outdir > '': try: os.makedirs(keep_outdir) except Exception: pass return keep_outdir
[docs]def target_url_parts() -> Tuple[str, Optional[str], str]: host = socket.gethostbyname(os.environ.get('GALAXY_TEST_HOST', DEFAULT_WEB_HOST)) port = os.environ.get('GALAXY_TEST_PORT') if port: default_url = f"http://{host}:{port}" else: default_url = f"http://{host}" url = os.environ.get('GALAXY_TEST_EXTERNAL', default_url) return host, port, url
[docs]def get_ip_address(ifname: str) -> str: s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM) return socket.inet_ntoa(fcntl.ioctl( s.fileno(), 0x8915, # SIOCGIFADDR struct.pack('256s', ifname[:15].encode('utf-8')) )[20:24])