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Source code for galaxy.util.monitors

import logging
import threading

from .sleeper import Sleeper

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)


[docs]class Monitors: def _init_monitor_thread(self, name, target_name=None, target=None, start=False, config=None): self.monitor_join_sleep = getattr(config, "monitor_thread_join_timeout", DEFAULT_MONITOR_THREAD_JOIN_TIMEOUT) self.monitor_join = self.monitor_join_sleep > 0 self.monitor_running = True if target is not None: assert target_name is None monitor_func = target else: target_name = target_name or "monitor" monitor_func = getattr(self, target_name) self.sleeper = Sleeper() self.monitor_thread = threading.Thread(name=name, target=monitor_func) self.monitor_thread.daemon = True self._start = start self.start_monitoring() def _init_noop_monitor(self): self.sleeper = None self.monitor_join = False
[docs] def start_monitoring(self): if self._start: self.monitor_thread.start()
[docs] def stop_monitoring(self): self.monitor_running = False
def _monitor_sleep(self, sleep_amount): self.sleeper.sleep(sleep_amount)
[docs] def shutdown_monitor(self): self.stop_monitoring() if self.sleeper is not None: self.sleeper.wake() if self.monitor_join: log.debug("Joining monitor thread") self.monitor_thread.join(self.monitor_join_sleep)