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Source code for galaxy.util.image_util

"""Provides utilities for working with image files."""

import imghdr
import logging

    import Image as PIL
except ImportError:
        from PIL import Image as PIL
    except ImportError:
        PIL = None

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def image_type(filename): fmt = None if PIL is not None: try: im = PIL.open(filename) fmt = im.format im.close() except Exception: # We continue to try with imghdr, so this is a rare case of an # exception we expect to happen frequently, so we're not logging pass if not fmt: fmt = imghdr.what(filename) if fmt: return fmt.upper() else: return False
[docs]def check_image_type(filename, types): fmt = image_type(filename) if fmt in types: return True return False