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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.toolbox.parser

"""This module is used to parse tool_conf files.

These files define tool lists, sections, labels, etc... the elements of the
Galaxy tool panel.
from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod

import yaml

from galaxy.util import parse_xml, string_as_bool


class ToolConfSource(metaclass=ABCMeta):
    """Interface represents a container of tool references."""

    def parse_items(self):
        """Return a list of ToolConfItem describing source."""

    def parse_tool_path(self):
        """Return tool_path for tools in this toolbox or None."""

    def is_shed_tool_conf(self):
        """Decide if this tool conf is a shed tool conf."""

    def parse_monitor(self):
        """Monitor the toolbox configuration source for changes and reload."""
        return DEFAULT_MONITOR

class XmlToolConfSource(ToolConfSource):

    def __init__(self, config_filename):
        tree = parse_xml(config_filename)
        self.root = tree.getroot()

    def parse_tool_path(self):
        return self.root.get('tool_path')

    def parse_tool_cache_data_dir(self):
        return self.root.get('tool_cache_data_dir')

    def parse_items(self):
        return [ensure_tool_conf_item(_) for _ in self.root]

    def is_shed_tool_conf(self):
        has_tool_path = self.parse_tool_path() is not None
        is_shed_conf = string_as_bool(self.root.get("is_shed_conf", "True"))
        return has_tool_path and is_shed_conf

    def parse_monitor(self):
        return string_as_bool(self.root.get('monitor', DEFAULT_MONITOR))

class YamlToolConfSource(ToolConfSource):

    def __init__(self, config_filename):
        with open(config_filename) as f:
            as_dict = yaml.safe_load(f)
        self.as_dict = as_dict

    def parse_tool_path(self):
        return self.as_dict.get('tool_path')

    def parse_tool_cache_data_dir(self):
        return self.as_dict.get('tool_cache_data_dir')

    def parse_items(self):
        return [ToolConfItem.from_dict(_) for _ in self.as_dict.get('items')]

    def parse_monitor(self):
        return self.as_dict.get('monitor', DEFAULT_MONITOR)

    def is_shed_tool_conf(self):
        return False

class ToolConfItem:
    """Abstract description of a tool conf item.

    These may include tools, labels, sections, and workflows.

    def __init__(self, type, attributes, elem=None):
        self.type = type
        self.attributes = attributes
        self._elem = elem

    def from_dict(cls, _as_dict):
        as_dict = _as_dict.copy()
        type = as_dict.get('type')
        del as_dict['type']
        attributes = as_dict
        if type == 'section':
            items = [cls.from_dict(_) for _ in as_dict['items']]
            del as_dict['items']
            item = ToolConfSection(attributes, items)
            item = ToolConfItem(type, attributes)
        return item

    def get(self, key, default=None):
        return self.attributes.get(key, default)

    def has_elem(self):
        return self._elem is not None

    def elem(self):
        if self._elem is None:
            raise Exception("item.elem called on toolbox element from non-XML source")
        return self._elem

    def labels(self):
        labels = None
        if "labels" in self.attributes:
            labels = [label.strip() for label in self.attributes["labels"].split(",")]
        return labels

class ToolConfSection(ToolConfItem):

    def __init__(self, attributes, items, elem=None):
        super().__init__('section', attributes, elem)
        self.items = items

[docs]def ensure_tool_conf_item(xml_or_item): if xml_or_item is None: return None elif isinstance(xml_or_item, ToolConfItem): return xml_or_item elif isinstance(xml_or_item, dict): # TODO: handle sections... as_dict = xml_or_item.copy() type = as_dict.pop("type") attributes = as_dict return ToolConfItem(type, attributes, None) else: elem = xml_or_item type = elem.tag attributes = elem.attrib if type != "section": return ToolConfItem(type, attributes, elem) else: items = [ensure_tool_conf_item(_) for _ in elem] return ToolConfSection(attributes, items, elem=elem)
[docs]def get_toolbox_parser(config_filename): is_yaml = any(config_filename.endswith(e) for e in [".yml", ".yaml", ".json"]) if is_yaml: return YamlToolConfSource(config_filename) else: return XmlToolConfSource(config_filename)
__all__ = ( "get_toolbox_parser", "ensure_tool_conf_item", )