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Source code for galaxy.main_config

"""Utilities for finding Galaxy's configuration file.

This is for use by web framework code and scripts (e.g. scripts/galaxy_main.py).
import os
from typing import (

from galaxy.util.properties import find_config_file
from galaxy.web_stack import get_app_kwds


[docs]def default_relative_config_paths_for(app_name: str) -> List[str]: return [f"config/{app_name}.yml", f"config/{app_name}.ini", "universe_wsgi.ini", f"config/{app_name}.yml.sample"]
[docs]def absolute_config_path(path, galaxy_root): if path and not os.path.isabs(path): path = os.path.join(galaxy_root, path) return path
[docs]def config_is_ini(config_file): return config_file and (config_file.endswith('.ini') or config_file.endswith('.ini.sample'))
[docs]def find_config(supplied_config, galaxy_root, app_name="galaxy"): if supplied_config: return supplied_config if galaxy_root is None: return os.path.abspath(f'{app_name}.yml') # If not explicitly supplied an config, check galaxy.ini and then # just resort to sample if that has not been configured. guess = None for guess in default_relative_config_paths_for(app_name): config_path = os.path.join(galaxy_root, guess) if os.path.exists(config_path): return config_path return guess
[docs]class WebappSetupProps(NamedTuple): """Basic properties to provide information about the App and the environment variables used to resolve the App configuration.""" app_name: str default_section_name: str env_config_file: str env_config_section: Optional[str] = None check_galaxy_root: bool = False
[docs]class WebappConfig(NamedTuple): """The resolved configuration values for a Webapp.""" global_conf: dict load_app_kwds: dict wsgi_preflight: bool = False
[docs]class WebappConfigResolver:
[docs] def __init__(self, props: WebappSetupProps) -> None: self.props = props self.app_kwds = get_app_kwds(props.default_section_name, props.app_name) self.config_file = self._resolve_config_file_path() self.is_ini_file = config_is_ini(self.config_file) self.config_section = self._resolve_section_name() self._update_kwds()
[docs] def resolve_config(self) -> WebappConfig: global_conf = {} if self.is_ini_file: global_conf["__file__"] = self.config_file return WebappConfig(global_conf=global_conf, load_app_kwds=self.app_kwds)
def _resolve_config_file_path(self) -> str: config_file = self.app_kwds.get("config_file") if not config_file and os.environ.get(self.props.env_config_file): config_file = os.path.abspath(os.environ[self.props.env_config_file]) elif self.props.check_galaxy_root: galaxy_root = self.app_kwds.get("galaxy_root") or os.environ.get("GALAXY_ROOT_DIR") config_file = find_config(config_file, galaxy_root, app_name=self.props.app_name) config_file = absolute_config_path(config_file, galaxy_root=galaxy_root) else: config_file = find_config_file([self.props.app_name]) if not config_file or not os.path.exists(config_file): raise FileNotFoundError(f"Can not find a configuration file for {self.props.app_name}") return config_file def _resolve_section_name(self) -> str: config_section = self.props.default_section_name if self.props.env_config_section and self.props.env_config_section in os.environ: config_section = os.environ[self.props.env_config_section] elif self.is_ini_file: config_section = f"app:{DEFAULT_INI_APP}" return config_section def _update_kwds(self) -> None: if "config_file" not in self.app_kwds: self.app_kwds["config_file"] = self.config_file if "config_section" not in self.app_kwds: self.app_kwds["config_section"] = self.config_section