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Source code for galaxy.jobs.runners.util.kill

import os
import signal
import subprocess
from platform import system
from time import sleep

    from psutil import NoSuchProcess, Process
except ImportError:
    """ Don't make psutil a strict requirement, but use if available. """
    Process = None

[docs]def kill_pid(pid, use_psutil=True): if use_psutil and Process: _psutil_kill_pid(pid) else: _stock_kill_pid(pid)
def _psutil_kill_pid(pid): """ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1230669/subprocess-deleting-child-processes-in-windows """ try: parent = Process(pid) for child in parent.children(recursive=True): child.kill() parent.kill() except NoSuchProcess: return def _stock_kill_pid(pid): is_windows = system() == 'Windows' if is_windows: __kill_windows(pid) else: __kill_posix(pid) def __kill_windows(pid): try: subprocess.check_call(['taskkill', '/F', '/T', '/PID', pid]) except subprocess.CalledProcessError: pass def __kill_posix(pid): def __check_pid(): try: os.kill(pid, 0) return True except OSError: return False if __check_pid(): for sig in [signal.SIGTERM, signal.SIGKILL]: try: os.killpg(pid, sig) except OSError: return sleep(1) if not __check_pid(): return