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Source code for galaxy.managers.visualizations

Manager and Serializers for Visualizations.

Visualizations are saved configurations/variables used to
reproduce a specific view in a Galaxy visualization.
import logging
from typing import Optional

from galaxy import model
from galaxy.managers import sharable
from galaxy.schema.fields import EncodedDatabaseIdField
from galaxy.structured_app import MinimalManagerApp

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class VisualizationManager(sharable.SharableModelManager): """ Handle operations outside and between visualizations and other models. """ # TODO: revisions model_class = model.Visualization foreign_key_name = 'visualization' user_share_model = model.VisualizationUserShareAssociation tag_assoc = model.VisualizationTagAssociation annotation_assoc = model.VisualizationAnnotationAssociation rating_assoc = model.VisualizationRatingAssociation
# def copy( self, trans, visualization, user, **kwargs ): # """ # """ # pass
[docs]class VisualizationSerializer(sharable.SharableModelSerializer): """ Interface/service object for serializing visualizations into dictionaries. """ model_manager_class = VisualizationManager SINGLE_CHAR_ABBR = 'v'
[docs] def __init__(self, app: MinimalManagerApp): super().__init__(app) self.visualization_manager = self.manager self.default_view = 'summary' self.add_view('summary', []) self.add_view('detailed', [])
[docs] def add_serializers(self): super().add_serializers() self.serializers.update({ })
[docs]class VisualizationDeserializer(sharable.SharableModelDeserializer): """ Interface/service object for validating and deserializing dictionaries into visualizations. """ model_manager_class = VisualizationManager
[docs] def __init__(self, app): super().__init__(app) self.visualization_manager = self.manager
[docs] def add_deserializers(self): super().add_deserializers() self.deserializers.update({ }) self.deserializable_keyset.update(self.deserializers.keys())
[docs]class VisualizationsService: """Common interface/service logic for interactions with visualizations in the context of the API. Provides the logic of the actions invoked by API controllers and uses type definitions and pydantic models to declare its parameters and return types. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app: MinimalManagerApp, manager: VisualizationManager, serializer: VisualizationSerializer): self.app = app self.manager = manager self.serializer = serializer self.shareable_service = sharable.ShareableService(self.manager, self.serializer)
# TODO: add the rest of the API actions here and call them directly from the API controller
[docs] def sharing(self, trans, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField, payload: Optional[sharable.SharingPayload] = None) -> sharable.SharingStatus: """Allows to publish or share with other users the given resource (by id) and returns the current sharing status of the resource. """ return self.shareable_service.sharing(trans, id, payload)