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Source code for tool_shed.test.functional.test_0140_tool_help_images

import logging

from ..base.twilltestcase import common, ShedTwillTestCase

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

repository_name = 'htseq_count_0140'
repository_description = "Converter: BED to GFF"
repository_long_description = "Convert bed to gff"

category_name = 'Test 0140 Tool Help Images'
category_description = 'Test 0140 Tool Help Images'

1) Create and populate the htseq_count_0140 repository.
2) Visit the manage_repository page.
3) Simulate clicking the htseq_count tool button.
4) On the resulting display tool page, look for the image string similar to the following string where the encoded repository_id is previously determined:


[docs]class TestToolHelpImages(ShedTwillTestCase): '''Test features related to tool help images.'''
[docs] def test_0000_initiate_users(self): """Create necessary user accounts.""" self.login(email=common.test_user_1_email, username=common.test_user_1_name) test_user_1 = self.test_db_util.get_user(common.test_user_1_email) assert test_user_1 is not None, 'Problem retrieving user with email %s from the database' % common.test_user_1_email self.test_db_util.get_private_role(test_user_1) self.login(email=common.admin_email, username=common.admin_username) admin_user = self.test_db_util.get_user(common.admin_email) assert admin_user is not None, 'Problem retrieving user with email %s from the database' % common.admin_email self.test_db_util.get_private_role(admin_user)
[docs] def test_0005_create_htseq_count_repository(self): '''Create and populate htseq_count_0140.''' ''' We are at step 1 - Create and populate the htseq_count_0140 repository. Create the htseq_count_0140 repository and upload the tarball. ''' category = self.create_category(name=category_name, description=category_description) self.login(email=common.test_user_1_email, username=common.test_user_1_name) # Create a repository named htseq_count_0140 owned by user1. repository = self.get_or_create_repository(name=repository_name, description=repository_description, long_description=repository_long_description, owner=common.test_user_1_name, category_id=self.security.encode_id(category.id), strings_displayed=[]) # Upload htseq_count.tar to the repository. self.upload_file(repository, filename='htseq_count/htseq_count.tar', filepath=None, valid_tools_only=True, uncompress_file=False, remove_repo_files_not_in_tar=False, commit_message='Uploaded htseq_count.tar.', strings_displayed=[], strings_not_displayed=[])
[docs] def test_0010_load_tool_page(self): '''Load the tool page and check for the image.''' ''' We are at step 2 Visit the manage_repository page and the tool page, and look for the image url similar to the following string: src="/repository/static/images/<id>/count_modes.png" ''' repository = self.test_db_util.get_repository_by_name_and_owner(repository_name, common.test_user_1_name) # Get the repository tip. changeset_revision = self.get_repository_tip(repository) self.display_manage_repository_page(repository) # Generate the image path. image_path = 'src="/repository/static/images/%s/count_modes.png"' % self.security.encode_id(repository.id) # The repository uploaded in this test should only have one metadata revision, with one tool defined, which # should be the tool that contains a link to the image. repository_metadata = repository.metadata_revisions[0].metadata tool_path = repository_metadata['tools'][0]['tool_config'] self.load_display_tool_page(repository, tool_path, changeset_revision, strings_displayed=[image_path], strings_not_displayed=[])