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Source code for galaxy_test.base.api_asserts

""" Utility methods for making assertions about Galaxy API responses, etc...
ASSERT_FAIL_ERROR_CODE = "Expected Galaxy error code %d, obtained %d"
ASSERT_FAIL_STATUS_CODE = "Request status code (%d) was not expected value %s. Body was %s"

[docs]def assert_status_code_is(response, expected_status_code): response_status_code = response.status_code if expected_status_code != response_status_code: _report_status_code_error(response, expected_status_code)
[docs]def assert_status_code_is_ok(response): response_status_code = response.status_code is_two_hundred_status_code = response_status_code >= 200 and response_status_code <= 300 if not is_two_hundred_status_code: _report_status_code_error(response, "2XX")
def _report_status_code_error(response, expected_status_code): try: body = response.json() except Exception: body = "INVALID JSON RESPONSE <%s>" % response.content assertion_message = ASSERT_FAIL_STATUS_CODE % (response.status_code, expected_status_code, body) raise AssertionError(assertion_message)
[docs]def assert_has_keys(response, *keys): for key in keys: assert key in response, "Response [%s] does not contain key [%s]" % (response, key)
[docs]def assert_not_has_keys(response, *keys): for key in keys: assert key not in response, "Response [%s] contains invalid key [%s]" % (response, key)
[docs]def assert_error_code_is(response, error_code): if hasattr(response, "json"): response = response.json() assert_has_keys(response, "err_code") err_code = response["err_code"] assert err_code == int(error_code), ASSERT_FAIL_ERROR_CODE % (err_code, int(error_code))
assert_has_key = assert_has_keys