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May 2019 Galaxy Release (v 19.05)

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User Facing Release Notes

Galaxy releases now include “user facing” release notes, you are reading the traditional release notes which have always been relatively admin and developer oriented but will likely be even more so now. Features such as favoriting tools, improved workflow editor feedback, and an exciting new cellxgene GIE may have been featured in these release notes in the past but are now featured in the user release notes instead. A huge thanks to @erasche for getting the ball rolling on this initiative.

Check out the 19.05 user release notes.

Login and Registration Rewrite
The march toward replacing templated backend generated HTML with modern, reactive components accelerated in Galaxy 19.05. Galaxy’s login, logout, and registration pages were replaced with VueJS components. Support for OIDC login options was added and certain deprecated OpenID login options were removed. This release contains many other client code enhancements including a new client initialization pipeline, ESLint based linting, and greatly optimized initial dynamic loading of bundles.
Improvements to Workflow Expressivity
In 19.01, non-data connections were added to the workflow editor in the form of explicit, typed, non-data inputs to workflows. This idea has been generalized in 19.05 and tool can now produce non-data outputs and a new class of tools called “Expression” tools has been added to make this especially easy. The Format 2 workflow format is now importable by default and admin-only extensions even allow embedding tool definitions directly into workflows. Many thanks to @mvdbeek for pushing this effort.

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The code lives at GitHub and you should have Git to obtain it.

To get a new Galaxy repository run:
$ git clone -b release_19.05 https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy.git
To update an existing Galaxy repository run:
$ git fetch origin && git checkout release_19.05 && git pull --ff-only origin release_19.05

See the community hub for additional details regarding the source code locations.

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