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Source code for galaxy.webapps.tool_shed.search.repo_search

"""Module for searching the toolshed repositories"""
import logging
import sys

import whoosh.index
from whoosh import scoring
from whoosh.fields import Schema, STORED, TEXT
from whoosh.qparser import MultifieldParser

from galaxy import exceptions
from galaxy.exceptions import ObjectNotFound

if sys.version_info > (3,):
    long = int

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

schema = Schema(
    name=TEXT(field_boost=1.7, stored=True),
    description=TEXT(field_boost=1.5, stored=True),

[docs]class RepoWeighting(scoring.BM25F): """ Affect the BM25G scoring model through the final method. source: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/whoosh/1AKNbW8R_l8/XySW0OecH6gJ """ use_final = True
[docs] def final(self, searcher, docnum, score): # Arbitrary for now reasonable_hits = 100.0 stored_times_downloaded = searcher.stored_fields(docnum)["times_downloaded"] if not isinstance(stored_times_downloaded, (int, long)): times_downloaded = int(stored_times_downloaded) else: times_downloaded = stored_times_downloaded # Add 1 to prevent 0 being divided if times_downloaded == 0: times_downloaded = 1 popularity_modifier = (times_downloaded / reasonable_hits) cert_modifier = 2 if searcher.stored_fields(docnum)["approved"] == 'yes' else 1 # Adjust the computed score for this document by the popularity # and by the certification level. final_score = score * popularity_modifier * cert_modifier return final_score
[docs]class RepoSearch(object):
[docs] def search(self, trans, search_term, page, page_size, boosts): """ Perform the search on the given search_term :param search_term: unicode encoded string with the search term(s) :param boosts: namedtuple containing custom boosts for searchfields, see api/repositories.py :returns results: dictionary containing number of hits, hits themselves and matched terms for each """ whoosh_index_dir = trans.app.config.whoosh_index_dir index_exists = whoosh.index.exists_in(whoosh_index_dir) if index_exists: index = whoosh.index.open_dir(whoosh_index_dir) try: # Some literature about BM25F: # http://trec.nist.gov/pubs/trec13/papers/microsoft-cambridge.web.hard.pdf # http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okapi_BM25 # __Basically__ the higher number the bigger weight. repo_weighting = RepoWeighting(field_B={'name_B' : boosts.repo_name_boost, 'description_B' : boosts.repo_description_boost, 'long_description_B' : boosts.repo_long_description_boost, 'homepage_url_B' : boosts.repo_homepage_url_boost, 'remote_repository_url_B' : boosts.repo_remote_repository_url_boost, 'repo_owner_username' : boosts.repo_owner_username_boost}) searcher = index.searcher(weighting=repo_weighting) parser = MultifieldParser([ 'name', 'description', 'long_description', 'homepage_url', 'remote_repository_url', 'repo_owner_username'], schema=schema) user_query = parser.parse('*' + search_term + '*') try: hits = searcher.search_page(user_query, page, pagelen=page_size, terms=True) except ValueError: raise ObjectNotFound('The requested page does not exist.') log.debug('searching for: #' + str(search_term)) log.debug('total hits: ' + str(len(hits))) log.debug('scored hits: ' + str(hits.scored_length())) results = {} results['total_results'] = str(len(hits)) results['page'] = str(page) results['page_size'] = str(page_size) results['hits'] = [] for hit in hits: hit_dict = {} hit_dict['id'] = trans.security.encode_id(hit.get('id')) hit_dict['repo_owner_username'] = hit.get('repo_owner_username') hit_dict['name'] = hit.get('name') hit_dict['long_description'] = hit.get('long_description') hit_dict['remote_repository_url'] = hit.get('remote_repository_url') hit_dict['homepage_url'] = hit.get('homepage_url') hit_dict['description'] = hit.get('description') hit_dict['last_updated'] = hit.get('last_updated') hit_dict['full_last_updated'] = hit.get('full_last_updated') hit_dict['approved'] = hit.get('approved') hit_dict['times_downloaded'] = hit.get('times_downloaded') results['hits'].append({'repository': hit_dict, 'matched_terms': hit.matched_terms(), 'score': hit.score}) return results finally: searcher.close() else: raise exceptions.InternalServerError('The search index file is missing.')