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Source code for galaxy.managers.hdcas

Manager and Serializer for HDCAs.

HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociations (HDCAs) are datasets contained or created in a
import logging

from galaxy import model
from galaxy.managers import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# TODO: to DatasetCollectionInstanceManager
[docs]class HDCAManager( base.ModelManager, secured.AccessibleManagerMixin, secured.OwnableManagerMixin, deletable.PurgableManagerMixin, taggable.TaggableManagerMixin, annotatable.AnnotatableManagerMixin): """ Interface/service object for interacting with HDCAs. """ model_class = model.HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation foreign_key_name = 'history_dataset_collection_association' tag_assoc = model.HistoryDatasetCollectionTagAssociation annotation_assoc = model.HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociationAnnotationAssociation
[docs] def __init__(self, app): """ Set up and initialize other managers needed by hdcas. """ super(HDCAManager, self).__init__(app)
[docs] def map_datasets(self, content, fn, *parents): """ Iterate over the datasets of a given collection, recursing into collections, and calling fn on each dataset. Uses the same kwargs as `contents` above. """ returned = [] # lots of nesting going on within the nesting collection = content.collection if hasattr(content, 'collection') else content this_parents = (content, ) + parents for element in collection.elements: next_parents = (element, ) + this_parents if element.is_collection: processed_list = self.map_datasets(element.child_collection, fn, *next_parents) returned.extend(processed_list) else: processed = fn(element.dataset_instance, *next_parents) returned.append(processed) return returned
# TODO: un-stub # serializers # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs]class DCESerializer(base.ModelSerializer): """ Serializer for DatasetCollectionElements. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app): super(DCESerializer, self).__init__(app) self.hda_serializer = hdas.HDASerializer(app) self.dc_serializer = DCSerializer(app, dce_serializer=self) self.default_view = 'summary' self.add_view('summary', [ 'id', 'model_class', 'element_index', 'element_identifier', 'element_type', 'object' ])
[docs] def add_serializers(self): super(DCESerializer, self).add_serializers() self.serializers.update({ 'model_class' : lambda *a, **c: 'DatasetCollectionElement', 'object' : self.serialize_object })
[docs] def serialize_object(self, item, key, **context): if item.hda: return self.hda_serializer.serialize_to_view(item.hda, view='summary', **context) if item.child_collection: return self.dc_serializer.serialize_to_view(item.child_collection, view='detailed', **context) return 'object'
[docs]class DCSerializer(base.ModelSerializer): """ Serializer for DatasetCollections. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app, dce_serializer=None): super(DCSerializer, self).__init__(app) self.dce_serializer = dce_serializer or DCESerializer(app) self.default_view = 'summary' self.add_view('summary', [ 'id', 'create_time', 'update_time', 'collection_type', 'populated_state', 'populated_state_message', 'element_count', ]) self.add_view('detailed', [ 'populated', 'elements', ], include_keys_from='summary')
[docs] def add_serializers(self): super(DCSerializer, self).add_serializers() self.serializers.update({ 'model_class' : lambda *a, **c: 'DatasetCollection', 'elements' : self.serialize_elements, })
[docs] def serialize_elements(self, item, key, **context): returned = [] for element in item.elements: serialized = self.dce_serializer.serialize_to_view(element, view='summary', **context) returned.append(serialized) return returned
[docs]class DCASerializer(base.ModelSerializer): """ Base (abstract) Serializer class for HDCAs and LDCAs. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app, dce_serializer=None): super(DCASerializer, self).__init__(app) self.dce_serializer = dce_serializer or DCESerializer(app) self.default_view = 'summary' self.add_view('summary', [ 'id', 'create_time', 'update_time', 'collection_type', 'populated_state', 'populated_state_message', 'element_count', ]) self.add_view('detailed', [ 'populated', 'elements', ], include_keys_from='summary')
[docs] def add_serializers(self): super(DCASerializer, self).add_serializers() # most attributes are (kinda) proxied from DCs - we need a serializer to proxy to self.dc_serializer = DCSerializer(self.app) # then set the serializers to point to it for those attrs collection_keys = [ 'create_time', 'update_time', 'collection_type', 'populated', 'populated_state', 'populated_state_message', 'elements', 'element_count', ] for key in collection_keys: self.serializers[key] = self._proxy_to_dataset_collection(key=key)
def _proxy_to_dataset_collection(self, serializer=None, key=None): # dataset_collection associations are (rough) proxies to datasets - access their serializer using this remapping fn # remapping done by either kwarg key: IOW dataset attr key (e.g. populated_state) # or by kwarg serializer: a function that's passed in (e.g. elements) if key: return lambda i, k, **c: self.dc_serializer.serialize(i.collection, [k], **c)[k] if serializer: return lambda i, k, **c: serializer(i.collection, key or k, **c) raise TypeError('kwarg serializer or key needed')
[docs]class HDCASerializer( DCASerializer, taggable.TaggableSerializerMixin, annotatable.AnnotatableSerializerMixin): """ Serializer for HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociations. """
[docs] def __init__(self, app): super(HDCASerializer, self).__init__(app) self.hdca_manager = HDCAManager(app) self.default_view = 'summary' self.add_view('summary', [ 'id', 'type_id', 'name', 'history_id', 'hid', 'history_content_type', 'collection_type', 'populated_state', 'populated_state_message', 'element_count', 'job_source_id', 'job_source_type', 'name', 'type_id', 'deleted', # 'purged', 'visible', 'type', 'url', 'create_time', 'update_time', 'tags', # TODO: detail view only (maybe) ]) self.add_view('detailed', [ 'populated', 'elements' ], include_keys_from='summary')
[docs] def add_serializers(self): super(HDCASerializer, self).add_serializers() taggable.TaggableSerializerMixin.add_serializers(self) annotatable.AnnotatableSerializerMixin.add_serializers(self) self.serializers.update({ 'model_class' : lambda *a, **c: self.hdca_manager.model_class.__class__.__name__, # TODO: remove 'type' : lambda *a, **c: 'collection', # part of a history and container 'history_id' : self.serialize_id, 'history_content_type' : lambda *a, **c: self.hdca_manager.model_class.content_type, 'type_id' : self.serialize_type_id, 'job_source_id' : self.serialize_id, 'url' : lambda i, k, **c: self.url_for('history_content_typed', history_id=self.app.security.encode_id(i.history_id), id=self.app.security.encode_id(i.id), type=self.hdca_manager.model_class.content_type), })