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Source code for galaxy.web.formatting

import locale
from string import Template

DEFAULT_LOCALE_FORMAT = '%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Y'

[docs]def expand_pretty_datetime_format(value): """ >>> expand_pretty_datetime_format("%H:%M:%S %Z") '%H:%M:%S %Z' >>> locale_format = expand_pretty_datetime_format("$locale (UTC)") >>> import locale >>> expected_format = '%s (UTC)' % locale.nl_langinfo(locale.D_T_FMT) >>> locale_format == expected_format True >>> expand_pretty_datetime_format("$iso8601") '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' """ locale_format = None try: locale_format = locale.nl_langinfo(locale.D_T_FMT) except AttributeError: # nl_langinfo not available pass if not locale_format: locale_format = DEFAULT_LOCALE_FORMAT stock_formats = dict( locale=locale_format, iso8601=ISO_DATETIME_FORMAT, ) return Template(value).safe_substitute(**stock_formats)