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Source code for galaxy.tours._impl

This module manages loading/etc of Galaxy interactive tours.
import logging
import os

import yaml
from pydantic import parse_obj_as

from galaxy.util import config_directories_from_setting
from ._interface import ToursRegistry
from ._schema import TourList

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def build_tours_registry(tour_directories: str): return ToursRegistryImpl(tour_directories)
def load_tour_steps(contents_dict): # Some of this can be done on the clientside. Maybe even should? title_default = contents_dict.get('title_default') for step in contents_dict['steps']: if 'intro' in step: step['content'] = step.pop('intro') if 'position' in step: step['placement'] = step.pop('position') if 'element' not in step: step['orphan'] = True if title_default and 'title' not in step: step['title'] = title_default @ToursRegistry.register class ToursRegistryImpl: def __init__(self, tour_directories): self.tour_directories = config_directories_from_setting(tour_directories) self._extensions = ('.yml', '.yaml') self._load_tours() def get_tours(self): """Return list of tours.""" tours = [] for k in self.tours.keys(): tourdata = { 'id': k, 'name': self.tours[k].get('name'), 'description': self.tours[k].get('description'), 'tags': self.tours[k].get('tags') } tours.append(tourdata) return parse_obj_as(TourList, tours) def tour_contents(self, tour_id): """Return tour contents.""" # Extra format translation could happen here (like the previous intro_to_tour) # For now just return the loaded contents. return self.tours.get(tour_id) def load_tour(self, tour_id): """Reload tour and return its contents.""" tour_path = self._get_path_from_tour_id(tour_id) self._load_tour_from_path(tour_path) return self.tours.get(tour_id) def reload_tour(self, path): """Reload tour.""" # We may safely assume that the path is within the tour directory filename = os.path.basename(path) if self._is_yaml(filename): self._load_tour_from_path(path) def _load_tours(self): self.tours = {} for tour_dir in self.tour_directories: for filename in os.listdir(tour_dir): if self._is_yaml(filename): tour_path = os.path.join(tour_dir, filename) self._load_tour_from_path(tour_path) def _is_yaml(self, filename): for ext in self._extensions: if filename.endswith(ext): return True def _load_tour_from_path(self, tour_path): tour_id = self._get_tour_id_from_path(tour_path) try: with open(tour_path) as f: tour = yaml.safe_load(f) load_tour_steps(tour) self.tours[tour_id] = tour log.info(f"Loaded tour '{tour_id}'") except OSError: log.exception(f"Tour '{tour_id}' could not be loaded, error reading file.") except yaml.error.YAMLError: log.exception("Tour '%s' could not be loaded, error within file." " Please check your yaml syntax." % tour_id) except TypeError: log.exception("Tour '%s' could not be loaded, error within file." " Possibly spacing related. Please check your yaml syntax." % tour_id) def _get_tour_id_from_path(self, tour_path): filename = os.path.basename(tour_path) return os.path.splitext(filename)[0] def _get_path_from_tour_id(self, tour_id): for tour_dir in self.tour_directories: for ext in self._extensions: tour_path = os.path.join(tour_dir, tour_id + ext) if os.path.exists(tour_path): return tour_path