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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.folders

API operations on library folders.
import logging

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.managers.folders import FoldersService
from galaxy.web import expose_api
from . import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class FoldersController(BaseGalaxyAPIController): service: FoldersService = depends(FoldersService)
[docs] @expose_api def index(self, trans, **kwd): """ GET /api/folders/ This would normally display a list of folders. However, that would be across multiple libraries, so it's not implemented. """ raise exceptions.NotImplemented('Listing all accessible library folders is not implemented.')
[docs] @expose_api def show(self, trans, id, **kwd): """ GET /api/folders/{encoded_folder_id} Displays information about a folder. :param id: the folder's encoded id (required) :type id: an encoded id string (has to be prefixed by 'F') :returns: dictionary including details of the folder :rtype: dict """ return self.service.show(trans, id)
[docs] @expose_api def create(self, trans, encoded_parent_folder_id, payload, **kwd): """ POST /api/folders/{encoded_parent_folder_id} Create a new folder object underneath the one specified in the parameters. :param encoded_parent_folder_id: (required) the parent folder's id :type encoded_parent_folder_id: an encoded id string (should be prefixed by 'F') :param payload: dictionary structure containing: :param name: (required) the name of the new folder :type name: str :param description: the description of the new folder :type description: str :type dictionary :returns: information about newly created folder, notably including ID :rtype: dictionary :raises: RequestParameterMissingException """ return self.service.create(trans, encoded_parent_folder_id, payload)
[docs] @expose_api def get_permissions(self, trans, encoded_folder_id, **kwd): """ GET /api/folders/{id}/permissions Load all permissions for the given folder id and return it. :param encoded_folder_id: the encoded id of the folder :type encoded_folder_id: an encoded id string :param scope: either 'current' or 'available' :type scope: string :returns: dictionary with all applicable permissions' values :rtype: dictionary :raises: InsufficientPermissionsException """ scope = kwd.get('scope', None) page = kwd.get('page', None) page_limit = kwd.get('page_limit', None) query = kwd.get('q', None) return self.service.get_permissions(trans, encoded_folder_id, scope, page, page_limit, query)
[docs] @expose_api def set_permissions(self, trans, encoded_folder_id, payload, **kwd): """ POST /api/folders/{encoded_folder_id}/permissions Set permissions of the given folder to the given role ids. :param encoded_folder_id: the encoded id of the folder to set the permissions of :type encoded_folder_id: an encoded id string :param payload: dictionary structure containing: :param action: (required) describes what action should be performed :type action: string :param add_ids[]: list of Role.id defining roles that should have add item permission on the folder :type add_ids[]: string or list :param manage_ids[]: list of Role.id defining roles that should have manage permission on the folder :type manage_ids[]: string or list :param modify_ids[]: list of Role.id defining roles that should have modify permission on the folder :type modify_ids[]: string or list :type dictionary :returns: dict of current roles for all available permission types. :rtype: dictionary :raises: RequestParameterInvalidException, InsufficientPermissionsException, RequestParameterMissingException """ return self.service.set_permissions(trans, encoded_folder_id, payload)
[docs] @expose_api def delete(self, trans, encoded_folder_id, **kwd): """ DELETE /api/folders/{encoded_folder_id} Mark the folder with the given ``encoded_folder_id`` as `deleted` (or remove the `deleted` mark if the `undelete` param is true). .. note:: Currently, only admin users can un/delete folders. :param encoded_folder_id: the encoded id of the folder to un/delete :type encoded_folder_id: an encoded id string :param undelete: (optional) flag specifying whether the item should be deleted or undeleted, defaults to false: :type undelete: bool :returns: detailed folder information :rtype: dictionary """ undelete = util.string_as_bool(kwd.get('undelete', False)) return self.service.delete(trans, encoded_folder_id, undelete)
[docs] @expose_api def update(self, trans, encoded_folder_id, payload, **kwd): """ PATCH /api/folders/{encoded_folder_id} Update the folder defined by an ``encoded_folder_id`` with the data in the payload. .. note:: Currently, only admin users can update library folders. Also the folder must not be `deleted`. :param id: the encoded id of the folder :type id: an encoded id string :param payload: (required) dictionary structure containing:: 'name': new folder's name, cannot be empty 'description': new folder's description :type payload: dict :returns: detailed folder information :rtype: dict :raises: RequestParameterMissingException """ return self.service.update(trans, encoded_folder_id, payload)