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Source code for galaxy.tools.error_reports.plugins.sentry

"""The module describes the ``sentry`` error plugin plugin."""
import logging

from galaxy import web
from galaxy.util import string_as_bool, unicodify
from . import ErrorPlugin

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

ERROR_TEMPLATE = """Galaxy Job Error: {tool_id} v{tool_version}

Command Line:



The user provided the following information:

[docs]class SentryPlugin(ErrorPlugin): """Send error report to Sentry. """ plugin_type = "sentry"
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.app = kwargs['app'] self.redact_user_details_in_bugreport = self.app.config.redact_user_details_in_bugreport self.verbose = string_as_bool(kwargs.get('verbose', False)) self.user_submission = string_as_bool(kwargs.get('user_submission', False)) self.custom_dsn = kwargs.get('custom_dsn', None) self.sentry = None # Use the built in one by default if hasattr(self.app, 'sentry_client'): self.sentry = self.app.sentry_client # if they've set a custom one, override. if self.custom_dsn: import raven self.sentry = raven.Client(self.custom_dsn, transport=raven.transport.HTTPTransport)
[docs] def submit_report(self, dataset, job, tool, **kwargs): """Submit the error report to sentry """ if self.sentry: user = job.get_user() extra = { 'info': job.info, 'id': job.id, 'command_line': unicodify(job.command_line), 'destination_id': unicodify(job.destination_id), 'stderr': unicodify(job.stderr), 'traceback': unicodify(job.traceback), 'exit_code': job.exit_code, 'stdout': unicodify(job.stdout), 'handler': unicodify(job.handler), 'tool_id': unicodify(job.tool_id), 'tool_version': unicodify(job.tool_version), 'tool_xml': unicodify(tool.config_file) if tool else None } if self.redact_user_details_in_bugreport: extra['email'] = 'redacted' else: if 'email' in kwargs: extra['email'] = unicodify(kwargs['email']) # User submitted message extra['message'] = unicodify(kwargs.get('message', '')) # Construct the error message to send to sentry. The first line # will be the issue title, everything after that becomes the # "message" error_message = ERROR_TEMPLATE.format(**extra) # Update context with user information in a sentry-specific manner context = {} # Getting the url allows us to link to the dataset info page in case # anything is missing from this report. try: url = web.url_for(controller="dataset", action="show_params", dataset_id=self.app.security.encode_id(dataset.id), qualified=True) except AttributeError: # The above does not work when handlers are separate from the web handlers url = None if self.redact_user_details_in_bugreport: if user: # Opauqe identifier context['user'] = { 'id': user.id } else: if user: # User information here also places email links + allows seeing # a list of affected users in the tags/filtering. context['user'] = { 'name': user.username, 'email': user.email, } context['request'] = {'url': url} self.sentry_client.context.merge(context) # Send the message, using message because response = self.sentry_client.capture( 'raven.events.Message', tags={ 'tool_id': job.tool_id, 'tool_version': job.tool_version, }, extra=extra, message=unicodify(error_message), ) return ('Submitted bug report to Sentry. Your guru meditation number is %s' % response, 'success')
__all__ = ('SentryPlugin', )