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Source code for tool_shed.grids.repository_grid_filter_manager

import logging

from galaxy.util.bunch import Bunch

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class RepositoryGridFilterManager(object): """Provides filtered views of the many Tool SHed repository grids.""" filters = Bunch(CERTIFIED_LEVEL_ONE='certified_level_one', CERTIFIED_LEVEL_TWO='certified_level_two', CERTIFIED_LEVEL_ONE_SUITES='certified_level_one_suites', CERTIFIED_LEVEL_TWO_SUITES='certified_level_two_suites', SUITES='suites')
[docs] def get_grid_title(self, trans, trailing_string='', default=''): filter = self.get_filter(trans) if filter == self.filters.CERTIFIED_LEVEL_ONE: return "Certified 1 Repositories %s" % trailing_string if filter == self.filters.CERTIFIED_LEVEL_TWO: return "Certified 2 Repositories %s" % trailing_string if filter == self.filters.CERTIFIED_LEVEL_ONE_SUITES: return "Certified 1 Repository Suites %s" % trailing_string if filter == self.filters.CERTIFIED_LEVEL_TWO_SUITES: return "Certified 2 Repository Suites %s" % trailing_string if filter == self.filters.SUITES: return "Repository Suites %s" % trailing_string return "%s %s" % (default, trailing_string)
[docs] def get_filter(self, trans): filter = trans.get_cookie(name='toolshedrepogridfilter') return filter or None
[docs] def is_valid_filter(self, filter): if filter is None: return True for valid_key, valid_filter in self.filters.items(): if filter == valid_filter: return True return False
[docs] def set_filter(self, trans, **kwd): # Set a session cookie value with the selected filter. filter = kwd.get('filter', None) if filter is not None and self.is_valid_filter(filter): trans.set_cookie(value=filter, name='toolshedrepogridfilter') # if the filter is not valid, expire the cookie. trans.set_cookie(value=filter, name='toolshedrepogridfilter', age=-1)