Source code for galaxy.model.base

Shared model and mapping code between Galaxy and Tool Shed, trying to
generalize to generic database connections.
from inspect import (

from sqlalchemy import event
from sqlalchemy.orm import (

from galaxy.util.bunch import Bunch

# TODO: Refactor this to be a proper class, not a bunch.
[docs]class ModelMapping(Bunch):
[docs] def __init__(self, model_modules, engine): self.engine = engine Session = sessionmaker(autoflush=False, autocommit=True) versioned_session(Session) context = scoped_session(Session) # For backward compatibility with "context.current" # deprecated? context.current = context self.context = context self.session = context model_classes = {} for module in model_modules: m_obs = getmembers(module, isclass) m_obs = dict([m for m in m_obs if m[1].__module__ == module.__name__]) model_classes.update(m_obs) super(ModelMapping, self).__init__(**model_classes) context.remove() context.configure(bind=engine)
@property def Session(self): """ For backward compat., deprecated. """ return self.context
[docs]def versioned_objects(iter): for obj in iter: if hasattr(obj, '__create_version__'): yield obj
[docs]def versioned_session(session): @event.listens_for(session, 'before_flush') def before_flush(session, flush_context, instances): for obj in versioned_objects(session.dirty): obj.__create_version__(session) for obj in versioned_objects(session.deleted): obj.__create_version__(session, deleted=True)