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Source code for galaxy.managers.citations

import functools
import logging

import requests
from beaker.cache import CacheManager
from beaker.util import parse_cache_config_options

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class CitationsManager(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, app): self.app = app self.doi_cache = DoiCache(app.config)
[docs] def citations_for_tool(self, tool): return tool.citations
[docs] def citations_for_tool_ids(self, tool_ids): citation_collection = CitationCollection() for tool_id in tool_ids: tool = self._get_tool(tool_id) for citation in self.citations_for_tool(tool): citation_collection.add(citation) return citation_collection.citations
[docs] def parse_citation(self, citation_elem): return parse_citation(citation_elem, self)
def _get_tool(self, tool_id): tool = self.app.toolbox.get_tool(tool_id) return tool
[docs]class DoiCache(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, config): cache_opts = { 'cache.type': getattr(config, 'citation_cache_type', 'file'), 'cache.data_dir': getattr(config, 'citation_cache_data_dir', None), 'cache.lock_dir': getattr(config, 'citation_cache_lock_dir', None), } self._cache = CacheManager(**parse_cache_config_options(cache_opts)).get_cache('doi')
def _raw_get_bibtex(self, doi): doi_url = "https://doi.org/" + doi headers = {'Accept': 'application/x-bibtex'} req = requests.get(doi_url, headers=headers) req.encoding = req.apparent_encoding return req.text
[docs] def get_bibtex(self, doi): createfunc = functools.partial(self._raw_get_bibtex, doi) return self._cache.get(key=doi, createfunc=createfunc)
[docs]def parse_citation(elem, citation_manager): """ Parse an abstract citation entry from the specified XML element. """ citation_type = elem.attrib.get('type', None) citation_class = CITATION_CLASSES.get(citation_type, None) if not citation_class: log.warning("Unknown or unspecified citation type: %s" % citation_type) return None try: citation = citation_class(elem, citation_manager) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Invalid citation of type '%s' with content '%s': %s" % (citation_type, elem.text, e)) return citation
[docs]class CitationCollection(object):
[docs] def __init__(self): self.citations = []
def __iter__(self): return self.citations.__iter__() def __len__(self): return len(self.citations)
[docs] def add(self, new_citation): for citation in self.citations: if citation.equals(new_citation): # TODO: We have two equivalent citations, pick the more # informative/complete/correct. return False self.citations.append(new_citation) return True
[docs]class BaseCitation(object):
[docs] def to_dict(self, citation_format): if citation_format == "bibtex": return dict( format="bibtex", content=self.to_bibtex(), ) else: raise Exception("Unknown citation format %s" % citation_format)
[docs] def equals(self, other_citation): if self.has_doi() and other_citation.has_doi(): return self.doi() == other_citation.doi() else: # TODO: Do a better job figuring out if this is the same citation. return self.to_bibtex() == other_citation.to_bibtex()
[docs] def has_doi(self): return False
[docs]class BibtexCitation(BaseCitation):
[docs] def __init__(self, elem, citation_manager): self.raw_bibtex = elem.text.strip()
[docs] def to_bibtex(self): return self.raw_bibtex
[docs]class DoiCitation(BaseCitation): BIBTEX_UNSET = object()
[docs] def __init__(self, elem, citation_manager): self.__doi = elem.text.strip() self.doi_cache = citation_manager.doi_cache self.raw_bibtex = DoiCitation.BIBTEX_UNSET
[docs] def has_doi(self): return True
[docs] def doi(self): return self.__doi
[docs] def to_bibtex(self): if self.raw_bibtex is DoiCitation.BIBTEX_UNSET: try: self.raw_bibtex = self.doi_cache.get_bibtex(self.__doi) except Exception: log.exception("Failed to fetch bibtex for DOI %s", self.__doi) if self.raw_bibtex is DoiCitation.BIBTEX_UNSET: return """@MISC{%s, DOI = {%s}, note = {Failed to fetch BibTeX for DOI.} }""" % (self.__doi, self.__doi) else: return self.raw_bibtex
CITATION_CLASSES = dict( bibtex=BibtexCitation, doi=DoiCitation, )