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Source code for galaxy.tools.parser.error_level

# These determine stdio-based error levels from matching on regular expressions
# and exit codes. They are meant to be used comparatively, such as showing
# that warning < fatal. This is really meant to just be an enum.
[docs]class StdioErrorLevel(object): NO_ERROR = 0 LOG = 1 WARNING = 2 FATAL = 3 FATAL_OOM = 4 MAX = 4 descs = { NO_ERROR: 'No error', LOG: 'Log', WARNING: 'Warning', FATAL: 'Fatal error', FATAL_OOM: 'Out of memory error', }
[docs] @staticmethod def desc(error_level): err_msg = "Unknown error" if error_level > 0 and error_level <= StdioErrorLevel.MAX: err_msg = StdioErrorLevel.descs[error_level] return err_msg