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Source code for galaxy.model.util

Utility helpers related to the model

[docs]def pgcalc(sa_session, id, dryrun=False): """ Utility method for quickly recalculating user disk usage in postgres. TODO: Check against the recently updated versions of sqlalchemy if this 'special' postgresql version is even necessary. """ sql_calc = """SELECT COALESCE(SUM(total_size), 0) FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT ON (d.id) d.total_size, d.id FROM history_dataset_association hda JOIN history h ON h.id = hda.history_id JOIN dataset d ON hda.dataset_id = d.id WHERE h.user_id = :id AND h.purged = false AND hda.purged = false AND d.purged = false AND d.id NOT IN (SELECT dataset_id FROM library_dataset_dataset_association) ) sizes""" sql_update = """UPDATE galaxy_user SET disk_usage = (%s) WHERE id = :id RETURNING disk_usage;""" % sql_calc if dryrun: r = sa_session.execute(sql_calc, {'id': id}) else: r = sa_session.execute(sql_update, {'id': id}) return r.fetchone()[0]