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Source code for tool_shed.repository_types.repository_suite_definition

import logging

import tool_shed.repository_types.util as rt_util
from galaxy.util import unicodify
from tool_shed.repository_types.metadata import TipOnly
from tool_shed.util import basic_util

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class RepositorySuiteDefinition(TipOnly):
[docs] def __init__(self): self.type = rt_util.REPOSITORY_SUITE_DEFINITION self.label = "Repository suite definition" self.valid_file_names = ["repository_dependencies.xml"]
[docs] def is_valid_for_type(self, repository, revisions_to_check=None): """ Inspect the received repository's contents to determine if they abide by the rules defined for the contents of this type. If the received revisions_to_check is a list of changeset revisions, then inspection will be restricted to the revisions in the list. """ repo = repository.hg_repo if revisions_to_check: changeset_revisions = revisions_to_check else: changeset_revisions = repo.changelog for changeset in changeset_revisions: ctx = repo[changeset] # Inspect all files in the changeset (in sorted order) to make sure there is only one and it # is named repository_dependencies.xml. files_changed_in_changeset = ctx.files() for file_path in files_changed_in_changeset: file_name = basic_util.strip_path(unicodify(file_path)) if file_name not in self.valid_file_names: return False return True