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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.roles

API operations on Role objects.
import json
import logging
from typing import List

from fastapi import (
from fastapi_utils.cbv import cbv
from fastapi_utils.inferring_router import InferringRouter as APIRouter
from pydantic import (

from galaxy import web
from galaxy.app import UniverseApplication
from galaxy.managers.base import decode_id
from galaxy.managers.roles import (
from galaxy.schema.fields import EncodedDatabaseIdField
from galaxy.webapps.base.controller import BaseAPIController, url_for
from galaxy.work.context import (
from . import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# Empty paths (e.g. /api/roles) only work if a prefix is defined right here.
# https://github.com/tiangolo/fastapi/pull/415/files
router = APIRouter(tags=["roles"])

[docs]class RoleListModel(BaseModel): __root__: List[RoleModel]
[docs]def role_to_model(trans, role): item = role.to_dict(view='element', value_mapper={'id': trans.security.encode_id}) role_id = trans.security.encode_id(role.id) try: item['url'] = url_for('role', id=role_id) except AttributeError: item['url'] = "*deprecated attribute not filled in by FastAPI server*" return RoleModel(**item)
[docs]def get_role_manager(app: UniverseApplication = Depends(get_app)) -> RoleManager: return app.role_manager
[docs]@cbv(router) class FastAPIRoles: role_manager: RoleManager = Depends(get_role_manager)
[docs] @router.get('/api/roles') def index(self, trans: SessionRequestContext = Depends(get_trans)) -> RoleListModel: roles = self.role_manager.list_displayable_roles(trans) return RoleListModel(__root__=[role_to_model(trans, r) for r in roles])
[docs] @router.get('/api/roles/{id}') def show(self, id: EncodedDatabaseIdField, trans: SessionRequestContext = Depends(get_trans)) -> RoleModel: role_id = trans.app.security.decode_id(id) role = self.role_manager.get(trans, role_id) return role_to_model(trans, role)
[docs] @router.post("/api/roles") def create(self, trans: SessionRequestContext = Depends(get_trans), admin_user=Depends(get_admin_user), role_definition_model: RoleDefinitionModel = Body(...)) -> RoleModel: role = self.role_manager.create(trans, role_definition_model) return role_to_model(trans, role)
[docs]class RoleAPIController(BaseAPIController):
[docs] @web.expose_api def index(self, trans, **kwd): """ GET /api/roles Displays a collection (list) of roles. """ roles = self._role_manager.list_displayable_roles(trans) return RoleListModel(__root__=[role_to_model(trans, r) for r in roles])
[docs] @web.expose_api def show(self, trans, id, **kwd): """ GET /api/roles/{encoded_role_id} Displays information about a role. """ role_id = decode_id(self.app, id) role = self._role_manager.get(trans, role_id) return role_to_model(trans, role)
[docs] @web.require_admin @web.expose_api def create(self, trans, payload, **kwd): """ POST /api/roles Creates a new role. """ expand_json_keys(payload, ["user_ids", "group_ids"]) role_definition_model = RoleDefinitionModel(**payload) role = self._role_manager.create(trans, role_definition_model) return role_to_model(trans, role)
@property def _role_manager(self): return self.app.role_manager
[docs]def expand_json_keys(payload, keys): for key in keys: value = payload.get(key) if isinstance(value, str): try: new_value = json.loads(value) payload[key] = new_value except Exception: pass