Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.api.tags

API Controller providing Galaxy Tags
import logging

from galaxy.exceptions import MessageException
from galaxy.web import expose_api
from galaxy.webapps.base.controller import BaseAPIController, UsesTagsMixin

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class TagsController(BaseAPIController, UsesTagsMixin): # Retag an item. All previous tags are deleted and new tags are applied.
[docs] @expose_api def update(self, trans, payload, **kwd): """ *PUT /api/tags/ Apply a new set of tags to an item; previous tags are deleted. """ item_id = payload.get("item_id") item_class = payload.get("item_class") item_tags = payload.get("item_tags") if item_id is None: raise MessageException("Please provide the item id (item_id).") if item_class is None: raise MessageException("Please provide the item class (item_class).") if item_tags and len(item_tags) > 0: item_tags = ",".join(item_tags) item = self._get_item(trans, item_class, user = trans.user self.get_tag_handler(trans).delete_item_tags(user, item) self.get_tag_handler(trans).apply_item_tags(user, item, item_tags) trans.sa_session.flush()
def _get_item(self, trans, item_class_name, id): """ Get an item based on type and id. """ item_class = self.get_tag_handler(trans).item_tag_assoc_info[item_class_name].item_class item = trans.sa_session.query(item_class).filter( == id).first() return item