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Source code for galaxy.web.stack

"""Web application stack operations
from __future__ import print_function

import inspect
import logging
import os

# The uwsgi module is automatically injected by the parent uwsgi
# process and only exists that way.  If anything works, this is a
# uwsgi-managed process.
    import uwsgi
except ImportError:
    uwsgi = None

    from uwsgidecorators import postfork as uwsgi_postfork
    uwsgi_postfork = lambda x: x    # noqa: E731
    if uwsgi is not None and hasattr(uwsgi, 'numproc'):
        print("WARNING: This is a uwsgi process but the uwsgidecorators library"
              " is unavailable.  This is likely due to using an external (not"
              " in Galaxy's virtualenv) uwsgi and you may experience errors. "
              "HINT:\n  {venv}/bin/pip install uwsgidecorators".format(
                  venv=os.environ.get('VIRTUAL_ENV', '/path/to/venv')))

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ApplicationStack(object): name = None prohibited_middleware = frozenset()
[docs] @classmethod def register_postfork_function(cls, f, *args, **kwargs): f(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def workers(self): return []
[docs] def allowed_middleware(self, middleware): if hasattr(middleware, '__name__'): middleware = middleware.__name__ return middleware not in self.prohibited_middleware
[docs] def set_postfork_server_name(self, app): pass
[docs]class UWSGIApplicationStack(ApplicationStack): name = 'uWSGI' prohibited_middleware = frozenset([ 'wrap_in_static', 'EvalException', ]) postfork_functions = []
[docs] @classmethod def register_postfork_function(cls, f, *args, **kwargs): cls.postfork_functions.append((f, args, kwargs))
[docs] def workers(self): return uwsgi.workers()
[docs] def set_postfork_server_name(self, app): app.config.server_name += ".%d" % uwsgi.worker_id()
[docs]class PasteApplicationStack(ApplicationStack): name = 'Python Paste'
[docs]class WeblessApplicationStack(ApplicationStack): name = 'Webless'
[docs]def application_stack_class(): """Returns the correct ApplicationStack class for the stack under which this Galaxy process is running. """ if uwsgi is not None and hasattr(uwsgi, 'numproc'): return UWSGIApplicationStack else: # cleverer ideas welcome for frame in inspect.stack(): if frame[1].endswith(os.path.join('pastescript', 'loadwsgi.py')): return PasteApplicationStack return WeblessApplicationStack
[docs]def application_stack_instance(): stack_class = application_stack_class() return stack_class()
[docs]def register_postfork_function(f, *args, **kwargs): application_stack_class().register_postfork_function(f, *args, **kwargs)
@uwsgi_postfork def _do_postfork(): for f, args, kwargs in [t for t in UWSGIApplicationStack.postfork_functions]: f(*args, **kwargs)