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Source code for galaxy.util.multi_byte

    import wchartype
except ImportError:
    wchartype = None

from six import text_type

[docs]def is_multi_byte(chars): if wchartype is None: message = "Attempted to use galaxy.util.multi_byte but dependency wchartype is unavailable." raise Exception(message) for char in chars: try: char = text_type(char) except UnicodeDecodeError: # Probably binary return False if (wchartype.is_asian(char) or wchartype.is_full_width(char) or wchartype.is_kanji(char) or wchartype.is_hiragana(char) or wchartype.is_katakana(char) or wchartype.is_half_katakana(char) or wchartype.is_hangul(char) or wchartype.is_full_digit(char) or wchartype.is_full_letter(char)): return True return False