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Source code for galaxy.jobs.deferred.pacific_biosciences_smrt_portal

Module for managing jobs in Pacific Bioscience's SMRT Portal and automatically transferring files
produced by SMRT Portal.
import logging
from string import Template

import requests

from .data_transfer import DataTransfer

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

__all__ = ('SMRTPortalPlugin', )

[docs]class SMRTPortalPlugin(DataTransfer): api_path = '/smrtportal/api'
[docs] def __init__(self, app): super(SMRTPortalPlugin, self).__init__(app)
[docs] def create_job(self, trans, **kwd): if 'secondary_analysis_job_id' in kwd: sample = kwd['sample'] smrt_job_id = kwd['secondary_analysis_job_id'] external_service = sample.request.type.get_external_service('pacific_biosciences_smrt_portal') external_service.load_data_transfer_settings(trans) http_configs = external_service.data_transfer[trans.model.ExternalService.data_transfer_protocol.HTTP] if not http_configs['automatic_transfer']: raise Exception("Manual data transfer using http is not yet supported.") smrt_host = external_service.form_values.content['host'] external_service_type = external_service.get_external_service_type(trans) # TODO: is there a better way to store the protocol? # external_service_type.data_transfer looks somethng like # {'http': <galaxy.sample_tracking.data_transfer.HttpDataTransferFactory object at 0x1064239d0>} protocol = next(iter(external_service_type.data_transfer.keys())) results = {} for k, v in external_service.form_values.content.items(): match = self.dataset_name_re.match(k) or self.dataset_datatype_re.match(k) if match: id, field = match.groups() if id in results: results[id][field] = v else: results[id] = {field : v} for id, attrs in results.items(): url_template = external_service_type.run_details['results_urls'].get(id + '_name') url = Template(url_template).substitute(host=smrt_host, secondary_analysis_job_id=kwd['secondary_analysis_job_id']) results[id]['url'] = url if sample.workflow: # DBTODO Make sure all ds| mappings get the URL of the dataset, for linking to later. for k, v in sample.workflow['mappings'].items(): if 'ds|%s' % id in v.values(): sample.workflow['mappings'][k]['url'] = url self.sa_session.add(sample) self.sa_session.flush() params = {'type' : 'init_transfer', 'protocol' : protocol, 'sample_id' : sample.id, 'results' : results, 'smrt_host' : smrt_host, 'smrt_job_id' : smrt_job_id} # Create a new SampleDataset for each run result dataset self._associate_untransferred_datasets_with_sample(sample, external_service, results) elif 'transfer_job_id' in kwd: params = {'type' : 'finish_transfer', 'protocol' : kwd['result']['protocol'], 'sample_id' : kwd['sample_id'], 'result' : kwd['result'], 'transfer_job_id' : kwd['transfer_job_id']} else: log.error('No job was created because kwd does not include "secondary_analysis_job_id" or "transfer_job_id".') return deferred_job = self.app.model.DeferredJob(state=self.app.model.DeferredJob.states.NEW, plugin='SMRTPortalPlugin', params=params) self.sa_session.add(deferred_job) self.sa_session.flush() log.debug('Created a deferred job in the SMRTPortalPlugin of type: %s' % params['type'])
# TODO: error reporting to caller (if possible?)
[docs] def check_job(self, job): if self._missing_params(job.params, ['type']): return self.job_states.INVALID if job.params['type'] == 'init_transfer': if self._missing_params(job.params, ['smrt_host', 'smrt_job_id']): return self.job_states.INVALID url = 'http://' + job.params['smrt_host'] + self.api_path + '/Jobs/' + job.params['smrt_job_id'] + '/Status' r = requests.get(url) status = r.json() # TODO: error handling: unexpected json or bad response, bad url, etc. if status['Code'] == 'Completed': log.debug("SMRT Portal job '%s' is Completed. Initiating transfer." % job.params['smrt_job_id']) return self.job_states.READY return self.job_states.WAIT if job.params['type'] == 'finish_transfer': if self._missing_params(job.params, ['transfer_job_id']): return self.job_states.INVALID # Get the TransferJob object and add it to the DeferredJob so we only look it up once. if not hasattr(job, 'transfer_job'): job.transfer_job = self.sa_session.query(self.app.model.TransferJob).get(int(job.params['transfer_job_id'])) state = self.app.transfer_manager.get_state(job.transfer_job) if not state: log.error('No state for transfer job id: %s' % job.transfer_job.id) return self.job_states.WAIT if state['state'] in self.app.model.TransferJob.terminal_states: return self.job_states.READY log.debug("Checked on finish transfer job %s, not done yet." % job.id) return self.job_states.WAIT else: log.error('Unknown job type for SMRTPortalPlugin: %s' % str(job.params['type'])) return self.job_states.INVALID
def _associate_untransferred_datasets_with_sample(self, sample, external_service, results_dict): # results_dict looks something like: # {'dataset2': {'datatype': 'fasta', 'url': '', 'name': 'Filtered reads'} } for key, val in results_dict.items(): file_path = val['url'] status = self.app.model.SampleDataset.transfer_status.NOT_STARTED name = val['name'] size = 'unknown' sample_dataset = self.app.model.SampleDataset(sample=sample, file_path=file_path, status=status, name=name, error_msg='', size=size, external_service=external_service) self.sa_session.add(sample_dataset) self.sa_session.flush()