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Source code for tool_shed.repository_types.util

import logging

from galaxy.web.form_builder import SelectField

log = logging.getLogger( __name__ )

REPOSITORY_SUITE_DEFINITION = 'repository_suite_definition'
TOOL_DEPENDENCY_DEFINITION = 'tool_dependency_definition'
UNRESTRICTED = 'unrestricted'


[docs]def build_repository_type_select_field( trans, repository=None, name='repository_type' ): """Called from the Tool Shed to generate the current list of supported repository types.""" if repository: selected_type = str( repository.type ) else: selected_type = None repository_type_select_field = SelectField( name=name ) for type_label, type_class in trans.app.repository_types_registry.repository_types_by_label.items(): option_label = str( type_class.label ) option_value = str( type_class.type ) if selected_type and selected_type == option_value: selected = True else: selected = False if repository: if repository.type == option_value: repository_type_select_field.add_option( option_label, option_value, selected=selected ) elif type_class.is_valid_for_type( trans.app, repository ): repository_type_select_field.add_option( option_label, option_value, selected=selected ) else: repository_type_select_field.add_option( option_label, option_value, selected=selected ) return repository_type_select_field
[docs]def generate_message_for_repository_type_change( app, repository ): message = '' if repository.can_change_type_to( app, REPOSITORY_SUITE_DEFINITION ): repository_suite_definition_type_class = \ app.repository_types_registry.get_class_by_label( REPOSITORY_SUITE_DEFINITION ) message += "This repository currently contains a single file named <b>%s</b>. If the intent of this repository is " % \ REPOSITORY_DEPENDENCY_DEFINITION_FILENAME message += "to define relationships to a collection of repositories that contain related Galaxy utilities with " message += "no plans to add additional files, consider setting its type to <b>%s</b>.<br/>" % \ repository_suite_definition_type_class.label elif repository.can_change_type_to( app, TOOL_DEPENDENCY_DEFINITION ): tool_dependency_definition_type_class = \ app.repository_types_registry.get_class_by_label( TOOL_DEPENDENCY_DEFINITION ) message += "This repository currently contains a single file named <b>%s</b>. If additional files will " % \ TOOL_DEPENDENCY_DEFINITION_FILENAME message += "not be added to this repository, consider setting its type to <b>%s</b>.<br/>" % \ tool_dependency_definition_type_class.label return message