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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.controllers.external_services

import logging

from galaxy import web
from galaxy.model import ExternalService, Sample
from galaxy.web.base.controller import BaseUIController

log = logging.getLogger( __name__ )

class_name_to_class = {}

for model_class in [Sample]:
    class_name_to_class[ model_class.__name__ ] = model_class

[docs]class ExternalServiceController( BaseUIController ):
[docs] @web.expose @web.require_admin def access_action( self, trans, external_service_action, item, item_type, **kwd ): if item_type in class_name_to_class: item_type = class_name_to_class.get( item_type ) item = item_type.get( item ) external_service_action_parsed = external_service_action.split( '|' ) populated_external_service = ExternalService.get( external_service_action_parsed.pop( 0 ) ).populate_actions( trans, item ) populated_action = populated_external_service.perform_action_by_name( external_service_action_parsed ) results = populated_action.handle_results( trans ) return results else: raise Exception( 'unknown item class type' )