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Source code for galaxy.sample_tracking.request_types

from galaxy.model import RequestType
from sample import sample_state_factory

RENAME_DATASET_OPTIONS = dict( [ ( f_type.lower(), f_descript ) for f_type, f_descript in RequestType.rename_dataset_options.items() ] )

[docs]class RequestTypeFactory( object ):
[docs] def __init__( self, sample_state_factory, rename_dataset_options ): self.sample_state_factory = sample_state_factory self.rename_dataset_options = rename_dataset_options
[docs] def new( self, name, request_form, sample_form, external_service, description=None, sample_states=None ): """Return new RequestType.""" assert name, 'RequestType requires a name' return RequestType( name=name, desc=description, request_form=request_form, sample_form=sample_form, external_service=external_service )
[docs] def from_elem( self, elem, request_form, sample_form, external_service ): """Return RequestType created from an xml string.""" name = elem.get( 'name', '' ) description = elem.get( 'description', '' ) rval = self.new( name, request_form, sample_form, external_service=external_service, description=description ) # load states sample_states_elem = elem.find( 'sample_states' ) if sample_states_elem: for sample_state_elem in sample_states_elem.findall( 'state' ): self.sample_state_factory.from_elem( rval, sample_state_elem ) # should this be the return value?? return rval
request_type_factory = RequestTypeFactory( sample_state_factory, RENAME_DATASET_OPTIONS )