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Source code for galaxy.dataset_collections.types.paired

from ..types import BaseDatasetCollectionType

from galaxy.model import DatasetCollectionElement, HistoryDatasetAssociation


INVALID_IDENTIFIERS_MESSAGE = "Paired instance must define '%s' and '%s' datasets ." % ( FORWARD_IDENTIFIER, REVERSE_IDENTIFIER )

[docs]class PairedDatasetCollectionType( BaseDatasetCollectionType ): """ Paired (left/right) datasets. """ collection_type = "paired"
[docs] def __init__( self ): pass
[docs] def generate_elements( self, elements ): forward_dataset = elements.get( FORWARD_IDENTIFIER, None ) reverse_dataset = elements.get( REVERSE_IDENTIFIER, None ) if not forward_dataset or not reverse_dataset: self._validation_failed( INVALID_IDENTIFIERS_MESSAGE ) left_association = DatasetCollectionElement( element=forward_dataset, element_identifier=FORWARD_IDENTIFIER, ) right_association = DatasetCollectionElement( element=reverse_dataset, element_identifier=REVERSE_IDENTIFIER, ) yield left_association yield right_association
[docs] def prototype_elements( self ): left_association = DatasetCollectionElement( element=HistoryDatasetAssociation(), element_identifier=FORWARD_IDENTIFIER, ) right_association = DatasetCollectionElement( element=HistoryDatasetAssociation(), element_identifier=REVERSE_IDENTIFIER, ) yield left_association yield right_association