Source code for galaxy.webapps.tool_shed.api.repository_revisions

import logging

from sqlalchemy import and_

from galaxy import util
from galaxy import web
from galaxy.web.base.controller import BaseAPIController, HTTPBadRequest
from tool_shed.capsule import capsule_manager
from tool_shed.util import hg_util
from tool_shed.util import metadata_util
from tool_shed.util import repository_util

log = logging.getLogger( __name__ )

[docs]class RepositoryRevisionsController( BaseAPIController ): """RESTful controller for interactions with tool shed repository revisions.""" @web.expose_api_anonymous
[docs] def export( self, trans, payload, **kwd ): """ POST /api/repository_revisions/export Creates and saves a gzip compressed tar archive of a repository and optionally all of its repository dependencies. The following parameters are included in the payload. :param tool_shed_url (required): the base URL of the Tool Shed from which the Repository is to be exported :param name (required): the name of the Repository :param owner (required): the owner of the Repository :param changeset_revision (required): the changeset_revision of the RepositoryMetadata object associated with the Repository :param export_repository_dependencies (optional): whether to export repository dependencies - defaults to False :param download_dir (optional): the local directory to which to download the archive - defaults to /tmp """ tool_shed_url = payload.get( 'tool_shed_url', '' ) if not tool_shed_url: raise HTTPBadRequest( detail="Missing required parameter 'tool_shed_url'." ) tool_shed_url = tool_shed_url.rstrip( '/' ) name = payload.get( 'name', '' ) if not name: raise HTTPBadRequest( detail="Missing required parameter 'name'." ) owner = payload.get( 'owner', '' ) if not owner: raise HTTPBadRequest( detail="Missing required parameter 'owner'." ) changeset_revision = payload.get( 'changeset_revision', '' ) if not changeset_revision: raise HTTPBadRequest( detail="Missing required parameter 'changeset_revision'." ) export_repository_dependencies = payload.get( 'export_repository_dependencies', False ) # We'll currently support only gzip-compressed tar archives. export_repository_dependencies = util.asbool( export_repository_dependencies ) # Get the repository information. repository = repository_util.get_repository_by_name_and_owner(, name, owner ) if repository is None: error_message = 'Cannot locate repository with name %s and owner %s,' % ( str( name ), str( owner ) ) log.debug( error_message ) return None, error_message erm = capsule_manager.ExportRepositoryManager(, user=trans.user, tool_shed_url=tool_shed_url, repository=repository, changeset_revision=changeset_revision, export_repository_dependencies=export_repository_dependencies, using_api=True ) return erm.export_repository()
def __get_value_mapper( self, trans ): value_mapper = { 'id' :, 'repository_id' :, 'user_id' : } return value_mapper @web.expose_api_anonymous
[docs] def index( self, trans, **kwd ): """ GET /api/repository_revisions Displays a collection (list) of repository revisions. """ # Example URL: http://localhost:9009/api/repository_revisions repository_metadata_dicts = [] # Build up an anded clause list of filters. clause_list = [] # Filter by downloadable if received. downloadable = kwd.get( 'downloadable', None ) if downloadable is not None: clause_list.append( trans.model.RepositoryMetadata.table.c.downloadable == util.asbool( downloadable ) ) # Filter by malicious if received. malicious = kwd.get( 'malicious', None ) if malicious is not None: clause_list.append( trans.model.RepositoryMetadata.table.c.malicious == util.asbool( malicious ) ) # Filter by missing_test_components if received. missing_test_components = kwd.get( 'missing_test_components', None ) if missing_test_components is not None: clause_list.append( trans.model.RepositoryMetadata.table.c.missing_test_components == util.asbool( missing_test_components ) ) # Filter by includes_tools if received. includes_tools = kwd.get( 'includes_tools', None ) if includes_tools is not None: clause_list.append( trans.model.RepositoryMetadata.table.c.includes_tools == util.asbool( includes_tools ) ) for repository_metadata in trans.sa_session.query( ) \ .filter( and_( *clause_list ) ) \ .order_by( ): repository_metadata_dict = repository_metadata.to_dict( view='collection', value_mapper=self.__get_value_mapper( trans ) ) repository_metadata_dict[ 'url' ] = web.url_for( controller='repository_revisions', action='show', ) ) repository_metadata_dicts.append( repository_metadata_dict ) return repository_metadata_dicts
[docs] def repository_dependencies( self, trans, id, **kwd ): """ GET /api/repository_revisions/{encoded repository_metadata id}/repository_dependencies Returns a list of dictionaries that each define a specific downloadable revision of a repository in the Tool Shed. This method returns dictionaries with more information in them than other methods in this controller. The information about repository_metdata is enhanced to include information about the repository (e.g., name, owner, etc) associated with the repository_metadata record. :param id: the encoded id of the `RepositoryMetadata` object """ # Example URL: http://localhost:9009/api/repository_revisions/repository_dependencies/bb125606ff9ea620 repository_dependencies_dicts = [] repository_metadata = metadata_util.get_repository_metadata_by_id(, id ) if repository_metadata is None: log.debug( 'Invalid repository_metadata id received: %s' % str( id ) ) return repository_dependencies_dicts metadata = repository_metadata.metadata if metadata is None: log.debug( 'The repository_metadata record with id %s has no metadata.' % str( id ) ) return repository_dependencies_dicts if 'repository_dependencies' in metadata: rd_tups = metadata[ 'repository_dependencies' ][ 'repository_dependencies' ] for rd_tup in rd_tups: tool_shed, name, owner, changeset_revision = rd_tup[ 0:4 ] repository_dependency = repository_util.get_repository_by_name_and_owner(, name, owner ) if repository_dependency is None: log.dbug( 'Cannot locate repository dependency %s owned by %s.' % ( name, owner ) ) continue repository_dependency_id = ) repository_dependency_repository_metadata = \ metadata_util.get_repository_metadata_by_changeset_revision(, repository_dependency_id, changeset_revision ) if repository_dependency_repository_metadata is None: # The changeset_revision column in the repository_metadata table has been updated with a new # value value, so find the changeset_revision to which we need to update. repo = hg_util.get_repo_for_repository(, repository=repository_dependency, repo_path=None, create=False ) new_changeset_revision = metadata_util.get_next_downloadable_changeset_revision( repository_dependency, repo, changeset_revision ) if new_changeset_revision != changeset_revision: repository_dependency_repository_metadata = \ metadata_util.get_repository_metadata_by_changeset_revision(, repository_dependency_id, new_changeset_revision ) changeset_revision = new_changeset_revision else: decoded_repository_dependency_id = repository_dependency_id ) debug_msg = 'Cannot locate repository_metadata with id %d for repository dependency %s owned by %s ' % \ ( decoded_repository_dependency_id, str( name ), str( owner ) ) debug_msg += 'using either of these changeset_revisions: %s, %s.' % \ ( str( changeset_revision ), str( new_changeset_revision ) ) log.debug( debug_msg ) continue repository_dependency_metadata_dict = \ repository_dependency_repository_metadata.to_dict( view='element', value_mapper=self.__get_value_mapper( trans ) ) repository_dependency_dict = repository_dependency.to_dict( view='element', value_mapper=self.__get_value_mapper( trans ) ) # We need to be careful with the entries in our repository_dependency_dict here since this Tool Shed API # controller is working with repository_metadata records. The above to_dict() method returns a dictionary # with an id entry for the repository record. However, all of the other methods in this controller have # the id entry associated with a repository_metadata record id. To avoid confusion, we'll update the # repository_dependency_metadata_dict with entries from the repository_dependency_dict without using the # Python dictionary update() method because we do not want to overwrite existing entries. for k, v in repository_dependency_dict.items(): if k not in repository_dependency_metadata_dict: repository_dependency_metadata_dict[ k ] = v repository_dependency_metadata_dict[ 'url' ] = web.url_for( controller='repositories', action='show', id=repository_dependency_id ) repository_dependencies_dicts.append( repository_dependency_metadata_dict ) return repository_dependencies_dicts
[docs] def show( self, trans, id, **kwd ): """ GET /api/repository_revisions/{encoded_repository_metadata_id} Displays information about a repository_metadata record in the Tool Shed. :param id: the encoded id of the `RepositoryMetadata` object """ # Example URL: http://localhost:9009/api/repository_revisions/bb125606ff9ea620 repository_metadata = metadata_util.get_repository_metadata_by_id(, id ) if repository_metadata is None: log.debug( 'Cannot locate repository_metadata with id %s' % str( id ) ) return {} encoded_repository_id = repository_metadata.repository_id ) repository_metadata_dict = repository_metadata.to_dict( view='element', value_mapper=self.__get_value_mapper( trans ) ) repository_metadata_dict[ 'url' ] = web.url_for( controller='repositories', action='show', id=encoded_repository_id ) return repository_metadata_dict
[docs] def update( self, trans, payload, **kwd ): """ PUT /api/repository_revisions/{encoded_repository_metadata_id}/{payload} Updates the value of specified columns of the repository_metadata table based on the key / value pairs in payload. :param id: the encoded id of the `RepositoryMetadata` object """ repository_metadata_id = kwd.get( 'id', None ) if repository_metadata_id is None: raise HTTPBadRequest( detail="Missing required parameter 'id'." ) repository_metadata = metadata_util.get_repository_metadata_by_id(, repository_metadata_id ) if repository_metadata is None: decoded_repository_metadata_id = repository_metadata_id ) log.debug( 'Cannot locate repository_metadata with id %s' % str( decoded_repository_metadata_id ) ) return {} else: decoded_repository_metadata_id = flush_needed = False for key, new_value in payload.items(): if hasattr( repository_metadata, key ): # log information when setting attributes associated with the Tool Shed's install and test framework. if key in [ 'includes_tools', 'missing_test_components' ]: log.debug( 'Setting repository_metadata column %s to value %s for changeset_revision %s via the Tool Shed API.' % ( str( key ), str( new_value ), str( repository_metadata.changeset_revision ) ) ) setattr( repository_metadata, key, new_value ) flush_needed = True if flush_needed: log.debug( 'Updating repository_metadata record with id %s and changeset_revision %s.' % ( str( decoded_repository_metadata_id ), str( repository_metadata.changeset_revision ) ) ) trans.sa_session.add( repository_metadata ) trans.sa_session.flush() trans.sa_session.refresh( repository_metadata ) repository_metadata_dict = repository_metadata.to_dict( view='element', value_mapper=self.__get_value_mapper( trans ) ) repository_metadata_dict[ 'url' ] = web.url_for( controller='repository_revisions', action='show', id=repository_metadata_id ) return repository_metadata_dict