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from enum import Enum
from typing import (

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.managers import hdas
from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesUserContext
from import (
from galaxy.schema.fields import DecodedDatabaseIdField
from galaxy.schema.schema import JobIndexQueryPayload

[docs]class JobIndexViewEnum(str, Enum): collection = "collection" admin_job_list = "admin_job_list"
[docs]class JobIndexPayload(JobIndexQueryPayload): view: JobIndexViewEnum = JobIndexViewEnum.collection
[docs]class JobsService: job_manager: JobManager job_search: JobSearch hda_manager: hdas.HDAManager
[docs] def __init__( self, job_manager: JobManager, job_search: JobSearch, hda_manager: hdas.HDAManager, ): self.job_manager = job_manager self.job_search = job_search self.hda_manager = hda_manager
[docs] def show( self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, full: bool = False, ) -> Dict[str, Any]: job = self.job_manager.get_accessible_job(trans, id) return view_show_job(trans, job, bool(full))
[docs] def index( self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, payload: JobIndexPayload, ): security = is_admin = trans.user_is_admin if payload.view == JobIndexViewEnum.admin_job_list: payload.user_details = True user_details = payload.user_details if payload.view == JobIndexViewEnum.admin_job_list and not is_admin: raise exceptions.AdminRequiredException("Only admins can use the admin_job_list view") query = self.job_manager.index_query(trans, payload) out = [] view = payload.view for job in query.yield_per(model.YIELD_PER_ROWS): job_dict = job.to_dict(view, system_details=is_admin) j = security.encode_all_ids(job_dict, True) if view == JobIndexViewEnum.admin_job_list: j["decoded_job_id"] = if user_details: j["user_email"] = job.get_user_email() out.append(j) return out