Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.controllers.userskeys

Contains the user interface in the Universe class

from sqlalchemy import false

from galaxy import (
from galaxy.webapps.base.controller import BaseUIController, UsesFormDefinitionsMixin

[docs]class User(BaseUIController, UsesFormDefinitionsMixin):
[docs] @web.expose @web.require_login() @web.require_admin def index(self, trans, cntrller, **kwd): return self.get_all_users(trans)
[docs] @web.expose @web.require_login() @web.require_admin def admin_api_keys(self, trans, uid, **kwd): params = util.Params(kwd) uid = params.get('uid', uid) new_key = new_key.user_id = new_key.key = trans.sa_session.add(new_key) trans.sa_session.flush() return self.get_all_users(trans)
[docs] @web.expose @web.require_login() @web.require_admin def all_users(self, trans, **kwd): return self.get_all_users(trans)
[docs] @web.json def get_all_users(self, trans): users = [] for user in trans.sa_session.query( \ .filter( == false()) \ .order_by( uid = int( userkey = "" for api_user in trans.sa_session.query( \ .filter( == uid): userkey = api_user.key users.append({'uid':, 'email':, 'key': userkey}) return users