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Source code for galaxy.webapps.galaxy.services.dataset_collections

from logging import getLogger
from typing import (

from pydantic import (

from galaxy import exceptions
from galaxy.datatypes.registry import Registry
from galaxy.managers.collections import DatasetCollectionManager
from galaxy.managers.collections_util import (
from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesHistoryContext
from galaxy.managers.hdcas import HDCAManager
from galaxy.managers.histories import HistoryManager
from galaxy.schema.fields import (
from galaxy.schema.schema import (
from galaxy.security.idencoding import IdEncodingHelper
from galaxy.webapps.base.controller import UsesLibraryMixinItems
from galaxy.webapps.galaxy.services.base import ServiceBase

    from galaxy.model import (

log = getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class UpdateCollectionAttributePayload(Model): """Contains attributes that can be updated for all elements in a dataset collection.""" dbkey: str = Field(..., description="TODO")
[docs] class Config: extra = Extra.forbid # will cause validation to fail if extra attributes are included,
[docs]class DatasetCollectionAttributesResult(Model): dbkey: str = Field(..., description="TODO") # Are the following fields really used/needed? extension: str = Field(..., description="The dataset file extension.", example="txt") model_class: str = ModelClassField("HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation") dbkeys: Optional[Set[str]] extensions: Optional[Set[str]] tags: TagCollection
[docs]class SuitableConverter(Model): tool_id: str = Field(..., description="The ID of the tool that can perform the type conversion.") name: str = Field(..., description="The name of the converter.") target_type: str = Field(..., description="The type to convert to.") original_type: str = Field(..., description="The type to convert from.")
[docs]class SuitableConverters(Model): """Collection of converters that can be used on a particular dataset collection.""" __root__: List[SuitableConverter]
[docs]class DatasetCollectionContentElements(Model): """Represents a collection of elements contained in the dataset collection.""" __root__: List[DCESummary]
[docs]class DatasetCollectionsService(ServiceBase, UsesLibraryMixinItems):
[docs] def __init__( self, security: IdEncodingHelper, history_manager: HistoryManager, hdca_manager: HDCAManager, collection_manager: DatasetCollectionManager, datatypes_registry: Registry, ): super().__init__(security) self.history_manager = history_manager self.hdca_manager = hdca_manager self.collection_manager = collection_manager self.datatypes_registry = datatypes_registry
[docs] def create(self, trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, payload: CreateNewCollectionPayload) -> HDCADetailed: """ Create a new dataset collection instance. :type payload: dict :param payload: (optional) dictionary structure containing: * collection_type: dataset collection type to create. * instance_type: Instance type - 'history' or 'library'. * name: the new dataset collections's name * datasets: object describing datasets for collection :rtype: dict :returns: element view of new dataset collection """ # TODO: Error handling... create_params = api_payload_to_create_params(payload.dict(exclude_unset=True)) if payload.instance_type == "history": if payload.history_id is None: raise exceptions.RequestParameterInvalidException("Parameter history_id is required.") history = self.history_manager.get_owned(payload.history_id, trans.user, current_history=trans.history) create_params["parent"] = history create_params["history"] = history elif payload.instance_type == "library" and payload.folder_id: library_folder = self.get_library_folder(trans, payload.folder_id, check_accessible=True) self.check_user_can_add_to_library_item(trans, library_folder, check_accessible=False) create_params["parent"] = library_folder else: raise exceptions.RequestParameterInvalidException() dataset_collection_instance = self.collection_manager.create(trans=trans, **create_params) rval = dictify_dataset_collection_instance( dataset_collection_instance, security=trans.security, url_builder=trans.url_builder, parent=create_params["parent"], ) return rval
[docs] def copy( self, trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, payload: UpdateCollectionAttributePayload ): """ Iterate over all datasets of a collection and copy datasets with new attributes to a new collection. e.g attributes = {'dbkey': 'dm3'} """ self.collection_manager.copy( trans, trans.history, "hdca", id, copy_elements=True, dataset_instance_attributes=payload.dict() )
[docs] def attributes( self, trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, instance_type: DatasetCollectionInstanceType = "history", ) -> DatasetCollectionAttributesResult: """ Returns dbkey/extension for collection elements """ dataset_collection_instance = self.collection_manager.get_dataset_collection_instance( trans, instance_type, id, check_ownership=True ) rval = dataset_collection_instance.to_dict(view="dbkeysandextensions") return rval
[docs] def suitable_converters( self, trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, instance_type: DatasetCollectionInstanceType = "history", ) -> SuitableConverters: """ Returns suitable converters for all datatypes in collection """ rval = self.collection_manager.get_converters_for_collection(trans, id, self.datatypes_registry, instance_type) return rval
[docs] def show( self, trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, instance_type: DatasetCollectionInstanceType = "history", ) -> AnyHDCA: """ Returns information about a particular dataset collection. """ dataset_collection_instance: Union["HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation", "LibraryDatasetCollectionAssociation"] if instance_type == "history": dataset_collection_instance = self.collection_manager.get_dataset_collection_instance(trans, "history", id) parent = dataset_collection_instance.history elif instance_type == "library": dataset_collection_instance = self.collection_manager.get_dataset_collection_instance(trans, "library", id) parent = dataset_collection_instance.folder else: raise exceptions.RequestParameterInvalidException() rval = dictify_dataset_collection_instance( dataset_collection_instance, security=trans.security, url_builder=trans.url_builder, parent=parent, view="element", ) return rval
[docs] def contents( self, trans: ProvidesHistoryContext, hdca_id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, parent_id: DecodedDatabaseIdField, instance_type: DatasetCollectionInstanceType = "history", limit: Optional[int] = None, offset: Optional[int] = None, ) -> DatasetCollectionContentElements: """ Shows direct child contents of indicated dataset collection parent id :type string: encoded string id :param id: HDCA.id :type string: encoded string id :param parent_id: parent dataset_collection.id for the dataset contents to be viewed :type integer: int :param limit: pagination limit for returned dataset collection elements :type integer: int :param offset: pagination offset for returned dataset collection elements :rtype: list :returns: list of dataset collection elements and contents """ # validate HDCA for current user, will throw error if not permitted # TODO: refactor get_dataset_collection_instance if instance_type != "history": raise exceptions.RequestParameterInvalidException( "Parameter instance_type not being 'history' is not yet implemented." ) hdca: "HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation" = self.collection_manager.get_dataset_collection_instance( trans, "history", hdca_id, check_ownership=True ) # check to make sure the dsc is part of the validated hdca if not hdca.contains_collection(parent_id): raise exceptions.ObjectNotFound( "Requested dataset collection is not contained within indicated history content" ) # retrieve contents contents = self.collection_manager.get_collection_contents(trans, parent_id, limit=limit, offset=offset) # dictify and tack on a collection_url for drilling down into nested collections def serialize_element(dsc_element) -> DCESummary: result = dictify_element_reference(dsc_element, recursive=False, security=trans.security) if result["element_type"] == DCEType.dataset_collection: assert trans.url_builder result["object"]["contents_url"] = trans.url_builder( "contents_dataset_collection", hdca_id=self.encode_id(hdca.id), parent_id=self.encode_id(result["object"]["id"]), ) trans.security.encode_all_ids(result, recursive=True) return result rval = [serialize_element(el) for el in contents] try: return DatasetCollectionContentElements.construct(__root__=rval) except ValidationError: log.exception( f"Serializing DatasetCollectionContentsElements failed. Collection is populated: {hdca.collection.populated}" ) raise