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Source code for galaxy.tool_util.linters.outputs

"""This module contains a linting functions for tool outputs."""
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from packaging.version import Version

from galaxy.util import (
from ._util import is_valid_cheetah_placeholder
from ..parser.output_collection_def import NAMED_PATTERNS

    from galaxy.tool_util.lint import LintContext
    from galaxy.tool_util.parser import ToolSource

[docs]def lint_output(tool_source: "ToolSource", lint_ctx: "LintContext"): """Check output elements, ensure there is at least one and check attributes.""" tool_xml = getattr(tool_source, "xml_tree", None) if tool_xml is None: return profile = tool_source.parse_profile() outputs = tool_xml.findall("./outputs") # determine node to report for general problems with outputs tool_node = tool_xml.find("./outputs") if tool_node is None: tool_node = tool_xml.getroot() if len(outputs) == 0: lint_ctx.warn("Tool contains no outputs section, most tools should produce outputs.", node=tool_node) return if len(outputs) > 1: lint_ctx.warn("Tool contains multiple output sections, behavior undefined.", node=outputs[1]) num_outputs = 0 labels = set() names = set() for output in list(outputs[0]): if output.tag is etree.Comment: continue if output.tag not in ["data", "collection"]: lint_ctx.warn(f"Unknown element found in outputs [{output.tag}]", node=output) continue num_outputs += 1 if "name" not in output.attrib: lint_ctx.warn("Tool output doesn't define a name - this is likely a problem.", node=output) # TODO make this an error if there is no discover_datasets / from_work_dir (is this then still a problem) elif not is_valid_cheetah_placeholder(output.attrib["name"]): lint_ctx.warn( f'Tool output name [{output.attrib["name"]}] is not a valid Cheetah placeholder.', node=output ) name = output.attrib.get("name") if name is not None: if name in names: lint_ctx.error(f"Tool output [{name}] has duplicated name", node=output) names.add(name) label = output.attrib.get("label", "${tool.name} on ${on_string}") if label in labels: filter_node = output.find(".//filter") if filter_node is not None: lint_ctx.warn( f"Tool output [{name}] uses duplicated label '{label}', double check if filters imply disjoint cases", node=output, ) else: lint_ctx.warn(f"Tool output [{name}] uses duplicated label '{label}'", node=output) labels.add(label) format_set = False if __check_format(output, lint_ctx, profile): format_set = True if output.tag == "data": if "auto_format" in output.attrib and output.attrib["auto_format"]: format_set = True elif output.tag == "collection": if "type" not in output.attrib: lint_ctx.warn("Collection output with undefined 'type' found.", node=output) if "structured_like" in output.attrib and "inherit_format" in output.attrib: format_set = True for sub in output: if __check_pattern(sub): format_set = True elif __check_format(sub, lint_ctx, profile, allow_ext=True): format_set = True if not format_set: lint_ctx.warn( f"Tool {output.tag} output {output.attrib.get('name', 'with missing name')} doesn't define an output format.", node=output, ) # TODO: check for different labels in case of multiple outputs lint_ctx.info(f"{num_outputs} outputs found.", node=outputs[0])
def __check_format(node, lint_ctx, profile: str, allow_ext=False): """ check if format/ext/format_source attribute is set in a given node issue a warning if the value is input return true (node defines format/ext) / false (else) """ if "format_source" in node.attrib and ("ext" in node.attrib or "format" in node.attrib): lint_ctx.warn( f"Tool {node.tag} output '{node.attrib.get('name', 'with missing name')}' should use either format_source or format/ext", node=node, ) if "format_source" in node.attrib: return True if node.find(".//action[@type='format']") is not None: return True # if allowed (e.g. for discover_datasets), ext takes precedence over format fmt = None if allow_ext: fmt = node.attrib.get("ext") if fmt is None: fmt = node.attrib.get("format") if fmt == "input": message = f"Using format='input' on {node.tag} is deprecated. Use the format_source attribute." if Version(str(profile)) <= Version("16.01"): lint_ctx.warn(message, node=node) else: lint_ctx.error(message, node=node) return fmt is not None def __check_pattern(node): """ check if - pattern attribute is set and defines the extension or - from_tool_provided_metadata is true """ if node.tag != "discover_datasets": return False if "from_tool_provided_metadata" in node.attrib and string_as_bool( node.attrib.get("from_tool_provided_metadata", "false") ): return True if "pattern" not in node.attrib: return False pattern = node.attrib["pattern"] regex_pattern = NAMED_PATTERNS.get(pattern, pattern) # TODO error on wrong pattern or non-regexp if "(?P<ext>" in regex_pattern: return True