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Source code for galaxy.managers.tags

from enum import Enum
from typing import Optional

from pydantic import Field

from galaxy.managers.context import ProvidesUserContext
from galaxy.model.base import transaction
from galaxy.model.tags import GalaxyTagHandlerSession
from galaxy.schema.fields import DecodedDatabaseIdField
from galaxy.schema.schema import (

[docs]class TaggableItemClass(Enum): History = "History" HistoryDatasetAssociation = "HistoryDatasetAssociation" HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation = "HistoryDatasetCollectionAssociation" LibraryDatasetDatasetAssociation = "LibraryDatasetDatasetAssociation" Page = "Page" StoredWorkflow = "StoredWorkflow" Visualization = "Visualization"
[docs]class ItemTagsPayload(Model): item_id: DecodedDatabaseIdField = Field( ..., # This field is required title="Item ID", description="The `encoded identifier` of the item whose tags will be updated.", ) item_class: TaggableItemClass = Field( ..., # This field is required title="Item class", description="The name of the class of the item that will be tagged.", ) item_tags: Optional[TagCollection] = Field( default=None, title="Item tags", description="The list of tags that will replace the current tags associated with the item.", )
[docs]class TagsManager: """Interface/service object shared by controllers for interacting with tags."""
[docs] def update(self, trans: ProvidesUserContext, payload: ItemTagsPayload) -> None: """Apply a new set of tags to an item; previous tags are deleted.""" user = trans.user new_tags: Optional[str] = None if payload.item_tags and len(payload.item_tags.__root__) > 0: new_tags = ",".join(payload.item_tags.__root__) item = self._get_item(trans.tag_handler, payload) trans.tag_handler.delete_item_tags(user, item) trans.tag_handler.apply_item_tags(user, item, new_tags) with transaction(trans.sa_session): trans.sa_session.commit()
def _get_item(self, tag_handler: GalaxyTagHandlerSession, payload: ItemTagsPayload): """ Get an item based on type and id. """ item_class_name = str(payload.item_class) item_class = tag_handler.item_tag_assoc_info[item_class_name].item_class item = tag_handler.sa_session.query(item_class).filter(item_class.id == payload.item_id).first() return item